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Women Who Believe in Women
An Open Letter to Mme. Marois

6 November 2013

Dear Premier Marois:

We, the undersigned, are feminists who belong to religious and non-religious communities. Some of us are pastors, priests, and rabbis, others of us are Muslim women, who wear hijabs or who do not; and some of us are women who consider ourselves atheists, agnostics, or secularists.

We recognize the difficult battles that women are fighting throughout the world to establish their rightful and equal place in human society. We are in sympathy with all women who have suffered because of the inequalities they have experienced in their churches, synagogues or mosques, and we are pleased to say that, as evidenced by the female clergy and lay leaders among us, we have come a long way.

We support a woman’s right to make choices in her life, especially when it comes to the control of her body. We applaud the freedoms that have been won since the 1960s and we have no desire to go backwards. For these reasons, we cannot support the banning of individual religious expression as proposed in the Charter of Quebec Values (now known as the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and of equality between Women and Men, and providing the framework for accommodation requests).

Since the beginning, the debate around the charter has clearly targeted Muslim women. We see this as an injustice. By legislating a woman’s right to dress as her conscience dictates, you are taking away her fundamental right to control her own body. By forcing her to choose between her work and her faith you are ensuring that she will be marginalized, not liberated. Furthermore, far from bringing equality to women, the ban privileges Muslim men over Muslim women and Sikh women over Sikh men, just to name two examples.

Given your argument that banning the hijab will liberate women who are dominated by men, shouldn’t we outlaw miniskirts, breast implants and high heels as well? In our experience, changing the way a woman dresses is not the key to her freedom. Instead, as so many studies have shown, societies do better when women have equal rights to education, public expression and employment. Yet your ban would take these rights away from the very women you claim you seek to help. This would be a sad and unfortunate step backwards.

As women who come from a diversity of traditions, we know that there are still many battles to be fought to ensure that all women are safe from domestic violence and that they have access to all that a free society like Quebec has to offer. We also know that injustice, inequality, and violence can be found across all cultures. These are the real issues that need to be addressed.

As women of Quebec, we have much to offer our society regardless of the way we dress. We urge you to withdraw your proposal to ban religious symbols within the public and semi-public sectors, and urgently ask you to meet with us to discuss the real plight of women here.


  1. Rev. Diane Rollert, M.Div., Minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, Unitarian Universalist, Montreal
  2. Shaheen Ashraf, Secretary, Montreal Chapter, Canadian Council of Muslim Women
  3. Rabbi Lisa Grushcow, D. Phil., Senior Rabbi, Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom
  4. The Rev’d Roslyn Macgregor, M.A., Anglican Priest, Montreal
  5. The Rev’d Gwenda Wells, Anglican Priest, St. Lambert
  6. The Rev’d Dr Holly Ratcliffe, PhD, Anglican Priest, Sorel-Tracy
  7. The Rev’d Rhonda Waters, Associate Priest, Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal
  8. The Rev’d Canon Dr.Lettie James, Anglican Priest, Montreal
  9. Dr. Sharon Gubbay Helfer, Research Associate with the Canadian Institute of Jewish Studies
  10. Dr. Ann Beer, Coordinator, Aboriginal Studies Certificate Program, John Abbott College, Unitarian Universalist
  11. Rabbi Julia Appel, Rabbi, Montreal
  12. The Rev’d Dr. Patricia G Kirkpatrick, Montreal, Quebec
  13. Margot Hovey-Ritter, Ph.D., Westmount, Unitarian Universalist
  14. Valerie Bohbot – President Take2Fashion – Montreal – Jewish
  15. The Rev’d Canon Joyce M. Sanchez, Incumbent, Trinity Memorial Anglican Church, Montreal,
  16. Jeanne-Mance Fortin, Enseignante, Sherbrooke, Catholic, tending toward Unitarianism
  17. Marie-France Boisvert, Verdun, Unitarian Universalist
  18. Caroll Gomez, Project Manager, Montreal, Catholic
  19. Mary Johnson, Gatineau, Quebec, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  20. Marie-Pier Boisvert, B.A., president of the REMDUS (Graduate Students’ Union at l’Université de Sherbrooke), Sherbrooke, member of UUEstrie
  21. Geneviève Demers, Montréal, Unitarian Universalist
  22. Elizabeth Ann Bradshaw, Greenfield Park, Roman Catholic
  23. Céline Leduc, M.A. religion, Montréal
  24. Mary Damianakis, Accredited Mediator, Baie D’Urfe
  25. Elizabeth Hutchinson, Rector’s Warden of the Anglican Parish of Arundel & Weir, Harrington
  26. Shirley Smith, Priest-in-charge St. Stephen’s , Lachine
  27. Cym Gomery, member, Unitarian Church of Montreal
  28. Samara Mohammed, Lachine
  29. Céline Matteau, Personal Trainer-Lifecoach, Montreal, Christian
  30. Mariam Baalbaki, Montreal, Muslim
  31. Judy Regienczuk, Retired Teacher, Sawyerville
  32. Valerie Fortin, agente de liberation conditionnelle, Quebec, Catholic
  33. Nageen Siddiqui, member, Montreal Chapter, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Laval
  34. Marie-Ève Fortier, PhD en neuroscience, Université McGill, Montreal
  35. Martine Pirlet, Médecin, Sherbrooke, practicing Catholic
  36. Nancy Greene, M.Math, Trinity Memorial Anglican Church, Montreal
  37. Rev. Paula Kline, United Church of Canada, Montréal
  38. Rev. Phyllis Smyth, Ph.D., Retired United Church minister, Montreal
  39. The Reverend Vicki Cowan, M.Div. Union Church, United Church of Canada, Ste. Anne de Bellevue
  40. Rev. Lee Ann Hogle, Minister of the United Church of Canada, Magog
  41. The Rev. Marie Claude Manga, D.Min., The United Church of Canada
  42. Rev. Helen Hliaras, M.Div., Northlea United Church, Laval, Quebec
  43. Rev. Heather M. McClure, M.Div., Minister, Wesley United Church, Montreal
  44. The Rev. Georgia Copland, BA, MSW, BTh, MDiv, Minister in The United Church of Canada, working with Laurentian Area Ministries
  45. Rev. Patricia Lisson, Executive Director, Saint Columba House Chair of Montreal Presbytery of The United Church
  46. Andrea Reichert, Montreal, Unitarian Universalist
  47. Elizabeth Forbath, Montréal, Unitarian Universalist
  48. Sandra Hunt, Director of Music, Unitarian Church of Montreal
  49. Eleanor Beattie, Ph.D. Unitarian, Montreal
  50. Nicoline Guerrier, travailleuse sociale, CSSS Bordeaux-Cartierville-Saint-Laurent, Unitarian Universalist
  51. Jennifer DeLeskie, atheist, Friend of the Unitarian Church, Westmount
  52. Carole TenBrink, Unitarian Universalist
  53. Jane Critchlow, Montréal, atheist/secular humanist
  54. Vivianne LaRiviere, MPS, MTS, Spiritual Arts Practitioner, St. Lazare
  55. Ellen Freeman, Associate Professor, Université de Montreal, Unitarian Universalist
  56. Debbie Blythe, member, Unitarian Church of Montreal
  57. Prue Rains, member, Unitarian Church of Montreal
  58. Rev. Rosemary Lambie 
Executive Secretary,
Synode Montreal & Ottawa Conference, United Church of Canada,
  59. Kirsten Madsen, Montreal
  60. Mary-Louise Engels, psychologue, l’Eglise unitarienne, Montreal
  61. May Kersten, Unitarian Universalist
  62. Martha Perry, M.S.W., Montreal, Unitarian Universalist
  63. Rev. Alyson Huntly, Minister, United Church of Canada/Église unie du Canada
  64. Rev. Cathy Hamilton Pasteure, United Church of Canada, Deux Montagnes.
  65. Ivy O’Reilly, Montreal
  66. Caroline Balderston Parry, Director of Religious Education, Unitarian Church of Montreal
  67. Johanne Gendron, Designated Lay Minister DLM, United Church of Canada, paroisse de Sainte-Adèle
  68. Angelika Piché, Minister and Director of formation in French, United Seminary of Montreal, United Church of Canada
  69. Debra Kigar, Diaconal Minister, Harrington Harbour Pastoral Charge, United Church of Canada
  70. Tahmina Tariq, Dollard des Ormeaux, Muslim
  71. Louise Halperin, Jewish musician
  72. The Rev. Elisabeth R. Jones, Th.M. Minister, Cedar Park United Church (United Church of Canada), Pointe Claire
  73. Ilona Weinstein, Bureau of Interreligious Affairs for the Baha’is of Montreal
  74. Rabbi Sherril Gilbert, Rab.C., B’nai Or Montreal Community Synagogue, Montreal

Our supporters

  1. Rev’d Karla Holmes, Incumbent of St Thomas Anglican Church, NDG, Montreal
  2. Marlo Turner Ritchie, Collaborative leader in community development, Montreal, Unitarian
  3. Qixuan Zhang, President, Q’s Education Consultant Inc., Montreal, St. Philip’s Anglican Church
  4. Audrey E Bean, Westmount, Quebec
  5. Laurie Hendren, Professor, McGill University, Montreal
  6. Nancy Labonté, Responsable de formation professionnelle en théologie pratique et en sciences des religions appliqués, Université de Montréal, protestante libérale
  7. Rev. Deacon. Jean Willcocks, Church of the Epiphany, Verdun
  8. Eileen Peterson, MLIS, Montreal
  9. Sheila Barranqueiro, Therapist, Montreal
  10. Madeleine Bird, Étudiante au doctorat, Université de Montréal, Montréal
  11. Pamela Kenny, Artist, Montreal
  12. Heidi Wiedemann, Psychologist, Montreal
  13. Sophie Tremblay, Ph.D. en théologie, Institut de pastorale des Dominicains, Montréal, catholique romaine
  14. Gabrielle Matte, Chelsea, Atheist
  15. Giovanna Arcuri, My Children’s Mother, , Beaconsfield, Catholic
  16. Yue Zhang, Enseignante, , Montreal,
  17. Veronika Kisfalvi, Ph.D., Professor, HEC Montréal, Jewish
  18. Ikram Mecheri, Étudiante McGill, , Montreal, Musulmane
  19. Vicky Poirier, Chargée de cours en fls, Sherbrooke
  20. Marianne Havey, Artiste peintre et blogueuse, Mineur en Sciences religieuses, Brossard
  21. Marie-Josée Sirois, Professeure, Université Laval, Québec, aucune réligion
  22. Amina Hafez, Montréal, laïque
  23. Myriam Benoit, Travailleuse, Sherbrooke
  24. Lise Beaudry Bujnowski, Grand-mère, femme libre de 80 ans, Sorel Tracy, catholique
  25. Dominique Lambert, Consultante, Communications Dominique Lambert, Montréal, catholique non pratiquante
  26. Helen Malkin, Présidente, Centre commémoratif de l’Holocauste à Montréal, Montréal
  27. Karen Oulianine, Md, Montreal, Agnostique
  28. Gisela Droege, M.A. Philosophy, Champlain St.Lawrence, Québec
  29. Geneviève Bruneau, Travailleuse et étudiante à la maîtrise en éducation, Sherbrooke, athée
  30. Kaitlin Rollins, Social Worker, CSSS de l’ouest de l’ile, Montreal,
  31. Shira Avni, Professor, Montreal, Jewish feminist
  32. Claire Trottier, Ph.D. en microbiologie et immunologie, , Montréal, athée
  33. Fatiha Gatre Guemiri, Mme, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Montreal, Muslim
  34. The Rev’d Dr. Ellen Aitken, Dean, Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Anglican priest
  35. Nicole Balvay-Haillot, écrivaine, Gatineau
  36. Mireille Barrière, fonctionnaire retraitée, Montréal, catholique non pratiquante
  37. Ariela Freedman, Associate Professor, Concordia, Montreal, Jewish
  38. Aïcha Lemay, Bachelière en animation et recherche culturelles,  Montréal, musulmane
  39. Anne Usher, activist, Montreal
  40. Bianca Ragusa, Pointe Claire, Christian
  41. Ingeborg Reed, BScPhm LLPh, Outremont
  42. Sophie Paquette, Réceptionniste, Montréal, musulmane
  43. Émilie Duranceau, Étudiante à la maîtrise en sociologie, Université du Québec à Montréal, Montréal, Athée
  44. Loubna Gueddim, St-Laurent, musulmane
  45. Carole Baker, retired counsellor, Montreal, Christian/Buddhist
  46. Rebecca MacDonald, MA, Verdun, Atheist
  47. Geneviève Pinard-Prévost, chargée de cours en français aux immigrants, Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, musulmane
  48. Carmen Djemalian, Coach, TheNewHappyMe/MaVieHeureuse, Montreal, Spiritual
  49. Sally Meyer, Diaconal Minister, Église Unie du Canada – United Church of Canada, Hemmingford
  50. Saskia de Boer, Montreal, Aethist
  51. Annie Crombie, Val-des-Monts, Atheist
  52. Eve Torres, , La VOIE des Femmes Laval, Laval, musulmane
  53. Carolanne Forgues, Étudiante en médecine, Université Laval, Québec, musulmane
  54. Anne Marie Laurin, Saint-lambert, athée
  55. Bendjeddou Zébida, Éducatrice, Québec, musulmane
  56. Arbane Fatiha, Madame, Gatineau, musulmane
  57. Sylvie Latreille, MA théologie pastorale, Institut de pastorale des Dominicains, Montréal, catholique romaine
  58. Martine Simard, Technicienne en diététique, CSSS Gatineau, Outaouais, musulmane
  59. Diana Komery, retired Air Canada, Dollard des Ormeaux, Anglican
  60. Aoua Bocar LY-Tall, Ph.D., Sociologue et Chercheure associée à l’Institut d’Études des Femmes, Université d’Ottawa ; Présidente-Fondatrice FAH2015, Réseau ’’FEMMES AFRICAINES, Horizon 2015 (FAH2015)’’’, Montréal & Ottawa,
  61. Ratiba Goudjil, Educatrice, , Québec, musulmane
  62. Betty R Ross, student, Montréal
  63. Jihene Bouraoui, comptable, Gatineau
  64. Ouassila Chibane, Québec, musulmane
  65. Tanya Graham, B.Sc., M.Sc. Candidate Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Christian
  66. Nicole Pelletier, Étudiante, Westmount
  67. Alshamsha Ramji, Saint-Laurent, Ismaili Muslim
  68. Christiane Guay, Ph.D, Professeure, Université du Québec en Outaouais
  69. Krystelle Flamand, diplomée tourisme international April Fortier,  Gatineau, musulmanne
  70. Houda Mounir, femme au foyer, Québec, musulmane
  71. Malika Ait Bahoum, Comptable et juriste, Parapublic, Québec, musulmane
  72. Aicha Lougsiri, secteure public, St Hubert, musulmane
  73. Habiba Moussaif, Québec, musulmane
  74. Chantal Bédard, Québec, musulmane
  75. Zakia Zoukri, entrepreneur, Québec, musulmane
  76. Karima Tahir, Etudiante, Québec, Musulmane praticante
  77. Anicka Fast, étudiante, Montréal, chrétienne
  78. Samia Mechakra-Tahiri, Ph.D. en Épidémiologie, chercheure, Centre de Recherche de l’Hôpital Charles LeMoyne, Montréal, musulmane
  79. Fouzia Elbarki, Musulmane, Québec,
  80. Line Merrette Vincent, Traductrice agréée, entrepreneure, blogueuse, féministe et étudiante en propédeutique de doctorat en sciences des religions à L’UQAM, Membre de la Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Lachine, Unitarienne universaliste
  81. Frauke Rubin, Église unitarienne, Montreal
  82. Kadri Roubila Lilia, Étudiante au doctorat, Québec, musulmane
  83. Hakima T Benaskeur, Conseillere, Québec, Musulmane
  84. El Mouki Salima, Madame, Québec, musulmane
  85. Emna Adam, Dre, Gatineau, Musulmane
  86. Sara Habel, mère au foyer, Québec, musulmane non-voilée
  87. Benaldjia Chahrazad, condidate à l’ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, , Québec, musulmane
  88. Radia Alem, Québec, musulmane
  89. Kathy Elie, enseignante retraitée, Ville de Mont-Royal, catholique romaine
  90. Hanane Zerouti, enseignante, Quebec, musulmane
  91. Souheila Djaffer, Ingénieur, Québec, musulmane
  92. Zahid Khadija, Québec, musulmane
  93. Hynde Houmani, Chargée de projet TI, Québec
  94. Nancy Demers, L’Ancienne-Lorette, catholique (enfance/aujourd’hui ?)
  95. Dorra Djemal, fonctionnaire-juriste, Québec, femme libre
  96. Amina Trigui, Ingénieur en informatique, Québec, musulmane
  97. Thouraya Shiri, educatrice, Gatineau, musulmane
  98. Dalila Elhak, Bac en journalisme et maîtrise en sciences politiques de lUQAM, Quebec, Musulmane
  99. Mary Klinck, MV, Carignan, agnostique
  100. Chadel Bochra, Québec, musulmane
  101. Tiarti Nachida, infirmiére, Salaberry de valleyfield, musulmane
  102. Rabbi Simcha Paull, Pierrefond
  103. Jenna Smith, Director of Innovation Jeunes, Montreal Quebec., M.Th.
  104. Tania Ortiz, Coordonnatrice aux communications, Terrebonne, catholique
  105. Nadia Ouifak, RSG, Québec, musulmane
  106. Gwendoline Spurll, Dr., McGill University, Montreal, Anglican
  107. Lynn Osborne, BSW, MSW, Anglican Church of Canada, Bedford, Anglo-Catholic
  108. Bricha Hanane, comptable, Montréal, musulmane
  109. Saadouni Meryam, Éducatrice, Québéc
  110. Laura Germain, Entrepreneur, Montreal, Catholic
  111. Rachelle Kolba, McGill Education Student, Montreal, Muslim
  112. Lesley Heales, Laval, Protestant
  113. Rosa Conca, Dorval, Roman Catholic
  114. Pamèla Toupin, orthopédagogue, Saint-Constant, catholique
  115. Omaima Jouti, Audioprothésiste, , Montréal
  116. Naima Bentayeb, Doctorante, École nationale d’administration publique, Montréal, musulmane
  117. Nesrine Ghanem, Fonctionnaire, Gatineau
  118. Paquin, Mélanie, Rédactrice pigiste, Carignan, Musulmane
  119. Asmaa Hanch, Montreal, musulmane
  120. Sunny Gagnon, Secrétaire juridique, Sherbrooke, Musulmane
  121. Katia Teasdale, Montréal, Musulmane convertie
  122. Marie-Luce Audet, Doctorante, Québec
  123. Linda Bell Serpone, Freelance Communications, , Montreal, Catholic
  124. Nejjam saila, Éducatrice, , Longueuil, Musulmane
  125. Sarah Lougheed, , , Montréal,
  126.  Zineb Ragoub, Lasalle, Musulmane
  127. Hajji Fatima, RSG, étudiante, Québec, musulmane
  128. Yasmina Beheim, Analyste en informatique, Laval, Musulmane
  129. Fatou Kiné Cissé, Enseignante, Québec, Musulmane
  130. Mirfat Kablawi, Ingénieure, Montréal, Musulmane
  131. Elisa Jara, commis comptable, Laval, musulmane convertie
  132. Zerrouk Saliha, Étudiante universitaire en GRH, Montréal, musulmane
  133. Khadija Darid, Directrice, Espace Femmes arabes, Montréal
  134. Denise Larivière, Éducatrice à la Petite Enfance, Montréal, Musulmane
  135. Anne Fearnley, Enseignante, Dorval, Catholique
  136. Anna Lilliman, Teacher, EMSB, Montreal, Jewish
  137. Toby Fainsilber, Dr, Montreal, Jewish
  138. Laure Prévost, Montreal
  139. Kirstin McKeown, Montreal, Unitarian Universalist
  140. Madjalia Ouattara, Gatineau
  141. Karen Lee Wightman, Medical Secretary, Montreal Children’s Hospital, MUHC, Mcgill University, Longueuil, Muslim
  142. Mieke Koppen Tucker, enseignante à la retraite, Sherbrooke, Believer / Croyante
  143. Cindy Casey, Coordinator, Program Development & Implementation, United Church of Canada, Montreal, United Church of Canada
  144. Emilienne Thomas, Adjointe Administrative, Longueuil
  145. Julie Proulx, Longueuil, Muslim
  146. Melanie Feres, Homemaker, Laval, Muslim
  147. Sadjia Acheli, Conseillère, Ville de Montréal, Longueuil, Musulmane
  148. Hanadi Saad, éducatrice, , Brossard, musulmane
  149. Laila Elhaiba, Conseillère Professionnelle Système Informatique, , Laval, Musulmane
  150. Erin Clarke, Quebec, Christian
  151. Rev. Katherine Burgess, Presbyterian Church in Canada, Quebec, Presbyterian
  152. Liette Ferhat, femme musulame, Longueil
  153. Francine Carrier, Caissière, Sherbrooke, Catholique
  154. Katherine Baker, Traductrice et massothérapeute, Quebec, Pour le respect de la vie, sous toutes ses formes
  155. Hasnaoui, maman, Montreal, Islam
  156. Samira Laouni, Dr. Économie internationale., C.O.R. (communication ouverture et rapprochement), Laval, Musulmane
  157. Rima Bouchakri, College Teacher, Montreal, Muslim
  158. Fatima Bouharaoui, Professionnelle de recherche, Hôpital St Mary, Montréal, Musulmane
  159. Maryem Mouloudji, Etudiante en sciences biopharmaceutiques, Montreal
  160. Lucie Vachon, Secrétaire comptable et soignante à domicile, Sherbrooke, musulmane
  161. Nora Shamroukh, B. A., Brossard, Muslim
  162. Khadija Faid, Longueuil, Musulmane
  163. Zeineb Mahjoub, Québec, musulmane
  164. Kaoutar, Analyste en informatique, Loto-Québec, Montréal, Musulmane
  165. Gabrielle Bouchard, Québec, laïque
  166. Frances Olsen, Retired Psychologist, Montreal, Christian
  167. Jamila, infermiére, Chambly, Islam
  168. Birgitte Rump, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, United Church of Canada
  169. Jeanne Taylor, Ms. BN, MCPsy., Cedar Park United Church, Beaconsfield, United Church of Canada
  170. Wijdane Leheouir, eleve, Laval, musulmane
  171. Houriya Kahziz, educatrice, Laval, musulmane
  172. Rabiaa, AFS, Montreal, musulmane

If your name is missing or incorrect, please contact us at info@croire-en-la-femme.org.

19 réflexions au sujet de « English version »

  1. Bravo! Women everywhere will be affected by the outcome, and future generations too.

  2. Bravo! Well said. It cannot go through, Women everywhere wil be affected by the outcome, and future generations too,

  3. My thanks to all the initiators and signees of this letter. It expresses very well my thoughts on the Charter and I’m glad to have my name placed here.
    Jeanne Taylor

  4. I too am a woman who wears a kippa. I’m also a school teacher. With this charter, Quebec says that it doesn’t want me. I’m sad about that, as I really do love Montreal and will hate having to leave.

  5. We must stand up for ourselves and for those that can’t.

  6. Having moved here from Saskatchewan, I feel I cannot stay in a province which might pass this previously-called ‘Charter of Values’. It certainly doesn’t align with my values, nor with those of educated and global persons. This charter proposes to target Muslim women and others who cannot ‘hide’ their religious symbols, like an over-sized cross, beneath a sweater. How sad that Mme Marois is so insecure and short-sighted that she cannot compassionately embrace all beliefs, persuasions and cultures with open arms. That has value.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to put into words what so many people are thinking. I wholeheartedly support this, and encourage everyone to sign their name to demonstrate the huge number of people who are opposed and disgusted by the actions of our current and hopefully temporary government.

  8. Thank you for eloquently speaking out for the rights of women of this province.

  9. Please, please ….add my signature!!!

    Heidi Wiedemann
    Born and raised quebecker
    Born an raised Montrealer
    Born and raised free woman.

    Please, keep it that way.

  10. Thank you for sending this. It perfectly addresses what this charter really doesn’t do to promote the feminist cause and how much more harm it causes to women. The government already knows that this charter is not really about promoting women’s rights…but they are using that as a « marketing tool » to the naïve masses. It is sad that there are so many naïve people who believe the PQ’s marketing of this hideous charter.

  11. You speak to the injustice that is preparing to be foisted on religious women of every faith.
    Thank you for speaking for me, you have » hit the nail on the head ».

  12. I was thinking, as we approch November 11, about everything my father and uncles fought for in World War Two. A large part of it was about freedom. Every time a law is passed we lose a freedom. This saying certainly applies to this situation. Are we, as a province, really so insecure that we have to supress fellow citizens because of their choice of religion and how they present themselves?
    Shame on those who think it’s OK!!
    Who believes this line of government action will stop here and now and no more laws will be passed if they get away with this one?
    Not me, and we all suffer.

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